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Welcome to our crazy little world called "Et Ställeken"! We are Josef and Michaela and we live together with 160 animals on an old farm in Kevelaer/Germany near by the Netherlands. It´s not a shelter, it´s a sanctuary, all poor animals we are able (space, time, money) to rescue and pick up, stay with us until they die or need to be sent to heaven by our vet. Our animals are a funny "mixed heap" of horses, ponies, donkeys, cats, dogs, goats, sheep, camelid, rabbits, birds, chicken, geese, turkey, ducks, a peacock, a pig, cows and waterturtles. Josef is going to work to earn money for our project, but nevertheless we are not able to survive without donations! "Et Ställeken e.V." is a registered non-profit association. We have a lot of work round about the animals, the fields, the farm and many of our old animals with a terrible past are traumatized and afraid of strangers, so we are not opened for spontaneous visits just for fun. If you are interested in our work, or some news and stories about a little bit different life,  have a look at this side from time to time!

February 15th 2018

Dear people out of Germany!

We had to recognize, that time is so small and that´s very difficult to describe our life in a different language than our own. Maybe some people are really interested in Et Ställeken, next idea is born: we try to configurate a translation-app to this website, so that you can read every content in english (perhaps in more languages). This will need some time, because there ist nobody over the world, who knows less about computers than us...!

October 31st 2017

Happy Halloween to our friends all over the world!!! Have a nice evening with a lot of fun and sweets!!! We don´t celebrate Halloween, but our animals do ;-) 

October 22th 2017

Summer came back last week, for a few days. Exactly to the beginning of weekend rain and coldness startet again and we are sure, autumn will stay now and we have to wear our warm winterclothes all the time. When weather changes often and quickly, many old animals have problems with this. One of our younger horses actually has a bad desease on his hoof, it´s very hard to look at him having pain. He becomes treatment several times a day and we hope for a good and fast healing. In the middle of october time has come, when many hedgehogs need help, so we are prepared give places to sleep, special food and treatment for hurt ones. Every day it happens something different in here, like a dog found by our neighbor and brought to us, or something else, but also every day we do the same work, like cleaning stables, feed the animals, taking care of the whole farm. Maybe some of you from other countries can understand german language and is able to read the other reports on this homepage, who cannot but is interested in this and uses google translate: please don´t believe all of the contents. We tried it with our texts and ´we didnt know we had to laugh, or to cry about the results...

September 14th 2017

Busy doing something all the time! We made some hay again, began to prepare the area and the stables for wintertime and tried to help a young, hurt dove who was found by our familymember "Grandma Friede" on a wall in a village near by. So many people passed without helping the little bird, we can´t understand, how people are able to ignore that. It seemed to become to an happy end, but then Wally (the dove´s name) died. So sad!!! At the moment so many people contact us to give their animals a new home in here, it´s really frightening. We are not able to take every horse, cat, goat, ..., who needs help and some people react to "Sorry, we can´t help!" like an angry bulldozer, unbelievable! Since yesterday a big storm runs over us, so a lot of stuff is destroyed now. We have to build up again broken fences, the rabbit area and more. The summer seems to be at the end...

August 25th 2017

Oooh, we are so happy today! Exactly on Josef´s birthday we got a beautyful surprise: the first mail from far away! It was not a postcard, but a big letter from Japan, with a colourful magazine about cats and more inside. And inside this magazine there is a report about our project, written by our friend Atsuko. It´s so nice to look at and when we will see us next time together with Kristina, we will read it again together :-)! Thank you very much for this wonderful present!!!

August 19th 2017

Today we are very sad and very happy at the same time! Sad, because we can´t help so many animals we want to, but better one more, than no more. So we are very happy to give one more poor soul a new home. Our new inhabitant BUNDI is an old Lady from the streets of Hungary with only three legs and a lost tail. Maybe she is ill of cancer, we will know this in a few days, when the result of the bloodtest arrives at our vet. We are fallen deeply in love with her and we hope to have a long, long time together!

A new idea: if you like us, send a postcard with good wishes to Bundi :-) ! We would like to know, if people (means YOU) are interested in this blog. (Nothing else, that´s why you don´t have to write down family name or adress!). We would be very happy to get some signs from all over the world (included Germany)!

Bundi Sanders-Winnekens, Everdonk 8, 47626 Kevelaer, NRW West-Germany

Thank you very much!

July 18th 2017

Thank you for praying for our fleamarket, it was a really good day! Very bad is, that our old tomcat Benno died some days ago. He wasn´t ill or something else, but very, very old. He aslept calm and happy in our arms. We miss him so much! Our little ducks are nearly grown up now, they are so funny little monsters! The last weeks I (Michaela) had some problems with health, at last this ended in hospital on friday. I´m home, can do a little bit more day after day, all will be fine again like before. In Germany we say: "Unkraut vergeht nicht!", means: weeds do not die...

June 30th 2017

It´s unbelievable how fast time goes by. There´s never enough time to write down here all the things we do. Our little rabbit became better and then he died suddenly, it was so hard! During the last weeks we did a lot of different things, cut more gras, repared broken things and picked of a chicken, who is blind because of millions of feathers on her head. She had a big wound on her head, difficult to clean, but it´s going much better now. Her name is Fluffy. On sunday we will sale used goods and selfmade cake on a fleamarket in the neighbourvillage Sonsbeck. Please pray for good weather and good business!!!

June 1st 2017

Our little new project had to wait, because we had a lot of work. We cut the gras and made hay, got two new ponies and some ducklings, sheared our sheep and such things. Today one of our rabbits became ill and we hurried to our vet. Herr Mümmelmann is in intensive treatment now, but nobody knows he will survive, or not. Horrible situation! At the moment it´s very hot, on monday temperature climbed until 34 degrees. Some old animals have big problems with this, also we humans are very weak and tired on such days, but our motto is: "Was uns nicht umbringt, macht uns nur härter!", means: what doesn´t kill us, makes us even harder...

May 14th 2017

At the moment weather ist crazy mixed, but always a good temperature to work, so we are busy doing something arround our sanctuary. Some time ago we had an idea to start a little new project inside our "old" project and now we decided to make it real. Maybe we can begin to build up it in a few days. You want to know, what it is? Have a little patience and keep on reading this blog ;-) !

May 7th 2017

This weekend it was nearly good weather. We built new fences and made old ones fine. The winter and several storms crashed a lot of stuff and stole a lot of time, but life is too short to look back on negative times. Our most important law: keep on fighting! For the animals!

May 3rd 2017

Last weekend we were visited by Kristina from Germany and Atsuko from Japan. After this beautyful day the idea was born, to give some information and stories about our sanctuary in world´s most spoken language for friends and interested people all over the world. So our international blog starts today :-) !

At the moment nearly all our animals are in a good constitution. The weather is not fine and we hope to see the sun again soon. In some weeks we will begin to cut gras to dry it for hay. We try to do as much as possible by ourselves (in addition to the daily work round about the animals), harvest, repairs, build new things like fences, etc. It´s often a hard and difficult life, but we always remain optimistic. Mostly. Sometimes. Anyway...!

Keine Zeit für´s Internet, denn wir sind dauernd auf Achse ;-) !

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